book'em danno

Last Saturday I attended an auction in the rain...
What goes better with a rainy day than a bunch of books?

I was very excited when I saw such large amounts of great looking vintage books sitting there just waiting for a new home.
I was even more excited that the crowd had dwindled down and I was one of the few remaining bidders.

I had not heard of many of these novels and I have to warn, they are not in pristine condition. I absolutely love the color and graphic layouts on the spines,especially when they are stacked together.

I especially love how some of the graphics on the covers look.
(hmmm I wonder what this book is all about? A doctor named Tom. But what does it have to do with riffles?)

Another great cover

This is one of my favorites! I really liked the pattern on the cover but to top it off,this is one of my favorite books.This will be a great addition to my personal collection.

This was one of the greatest finds.
I purchased two boxes of books and this one happened to be tucked into one of the boxes. I am not from Michigan.But I really love this book.
I am "round on the ends" and "hi" in the middle.(That is Ohio if you don't know that one)
For some reason a lot of people in Ohio seem to have something against Michigan. I personally don't understand why one would discriminate against an entire state just because of a football team. But I digress

This Book is titled My Michigan the author and illustrator is Gwen Frostic.
My hubby did a little research and found that this author was a poet and that she did her own block print illustrations. The prints were my favorite part of the book.
Take a peek below.

to learn more about the author or purchase reprints of her books you might wan to check out this website

I really do love to decorate with vintage books. I think they warm up a space and create a great way to layer your decor.
Very "text"ural
Another tip about vintage novels used as decor :they might entice your children's curiosity to read them.
When I was little my mother had quite a collection of books that belonged to my grand father displayed on some shelves in the living room. I was always strangely attracted to the covers and titles and thought that they must be something really special if they were being prominently displayed. My curiosity got the better of my and I read quite a few of them. They weren't all as interesting as Wuthering Heights but it got me reading.

Some more books I have displayed that my hubby bought for me when we were in college. These books were a bit more exciting and more affordable than my Pattern making textbooks
in college.

I also wanted tho share my latest framing with you.
I finally framed up a piece of the crazy quilt that I had purchased at my first auction.
I think it turned out really well, especially in the the modern frame. It looks a little less "country" and more like abstract artwork.

I never thought I was such a quilt girl but I have become very drawn to them. I don't know if it is the combinations of colors & textures,or if it is because they are hand made (so much work!) ,or if it is the history found in the items.
I just discovered this very faint writing on this section of the quilt. (I don't know if you can see it in the photo)
it lists two names (which are hard to make out) were married, December 1891
so lovely


  1. Looks like you got some great stuff! My partner Joe loves Gwen Frostic -- he's a good Michigan boy (:. Keep up the good shoppin'! xo

  2. Hi Sarah!!
    :) Dawn forwarded me your blog and you betcha I'm gonna read it. Did you know I have one, too? Yeppers.
    That is SO funny that you bought that Michigan book!! I'm from Michigan (and also do not care to understand the hatred between Michigan and Ohio!!) and when I was back "home" two months ago (Alpena, MI!) I was at an antique shop and picked up that exact Michigan book! I didn't buy it but I was tempted and did flip through it!!
    I also have grown to love quilts and vintage books. Who knew we had so much in common :)