spring into fall

just like whitney says "the children are our future..."

when i was growing up i always used to get depressed when the 4th of july was over and all the back to school clothes would start to set in the stores...
i knew that school was just around the corner...

so when I got the august issue of Teen Vogue in the mail BEFORE the 4th of july i can't say i was surprised that they were already talking about back to school fashion

but hey, i guess you can say that I am already getting my stock together for the upcoming season

i found this purse at an auction and i really think it would be a great compliment to the little ensemble featured on the cover of of Teen Vogue...and just think if you bought this you might very well own a one of a kind...kinda like couture. oh la la...i think that is one of the reasons i like vintage so much.

another lovely little look from the article Emma Enchanted in this issue of Teen Vogue
see more pics from this article on http://www.teenvogue.com/
i thought the colors & textures were very inspiring

kinda like this fabric that i framed. the colors are really bright & cheerful making this slightly formal print a bit more playful and it also is a little glam with touches of metallic in the print

another fabric that i have recently acquired is a lovely brocade (or is it a jacquard...it's been a long time since i took that "intro to fabrics" class) it's not too serious and in fact the colors in the flowers make this typically formal fabric feel a bit younger

call me crazy but when i saw this crazy quilt at an auction i knew i HAD to have it

talk about fall fabulous.the top part of the quilt is composed entirely of vintage menswear fabrics.and the underside of the quilt is a beautiful black grounded floral. i loved how this quilt felt very sophisticated through the colors & textures of the squares and naive at the same time with the quilt construction.

this was another love from the the All that jazz article. there was so much plaid in this issue of Teen Vogue (i know that is pretty typical for back to school trends).
i thought that plaids looked great because they had great POP colors that made the usual hum drum plaids bold and beautiful

this is a selection of plaids & textures that my little sis picked up for me and i think that these plaids had some of those great pops

feeling the need to play around some of the latest fashion pieces? mix up some colors, textures and patterns yourself on the absolutely awesome website that I read about in the august issue of Lucky

it's like paper dolls for grown ups. (on most of the clothing pieces it lets you know where you can purchase the items for yourself)

playing around on looklet is a bit more sophisticated than playing around with this life size set of paper dolls that I recently saw at a flea market. (i kinda regret not getting her because i am not exactly the most sophisticated gal you have ever met)

but enough of the fall talk!!! as far as i am concerned summer is just getting started and i am going to enjoy these bright beautiful summer hues!
these little duckies quack me up!

another little summer treat...

i just recently framed up some of the fabrics that i had picked up a few weeks ago at a garage sale (don't know if you might recognize them from a previous blog...if not maybe you should check it out to see the transformation from quilted scraps to bright, fun & fresh looking art.)

and for my last topic of the day...

another summer tradition that this garage sale girly enjoys with the hubby is attending a classic car show.
if you like vintage cars...this is the place to be!!!

i really loved the metallic shade of this larger than life convertible

the car color reminded me of this slightly disturbing gold painted doll that i had seen last week at a tag sale. (YIKES!!) she was all painted except for her eyes (watch out chucky)

don't you love this car??? i really think that is is my new dream car.
the next flea mobile???
now go enjoy the sunshine!!!!
it's an order!!

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