Rockin' Auction

Hi everyone,

I attended an amazing auction today and picked up quite a few lovely things that I would love to share with you.

Take a look at the sweet little green house transfer on this plate. I think that is a place that I would like to visit on a beautiful summer day. I hadn't planned on bringing this plate home but was pleasantly surprised when I purchased another lot at the auction and they brought this over to me as well.

My hubby is always commenting that he would love to get a rocking chair someday. I saw this chair and thought it would be a perfect gift for him on a Wednesday. (and also butter him up a bit to get him to grill out) The chair is from the 40's or the 50's. It is in amazing shape and it looks really smart as well!

The best part
Now you see it...

Now you don't!!!
Imagine my glee upon finding out that this great chair conveniently folds away

This is a really great metal tray. it is vintage but I think that it still has a bit of a modern feel to it.

I think it would look really great layered with some other pieces as a center piece on a dining room table.

I know that all of you out there have a secret soft spot in you heart for little pieces of kitsch! Just imagine the conversations that could be started from each one of these pieces.

I am not really sure of the date on these but I think they are hand made chair covers. I really loved the muted colors and the patterns on each one of them. They look very Anthropologie to me.I wonder if I can make little area rug out of them?

I also found this beautiful quilt from the 1930's. It is in fantastic condition. I don't think it has ever been used.

It is a quirky composition of different feedsack fabrics. The patterns don't really "go" together but somehow they all work together and definitely make a statement!
"I have personality!"

I don't know if you recognize this mirror from a previous blog?
I had purchased this on a recent trip to a flea market over the 4th of July holiday.
All it took was a little TLC and this mirror looked great hanging in my spare room!

I am really proud of this find. I have been looking for an end table for my living room for the longest time. Our couch has really tall arms so it had been quite difficult to find something that measured up.

There it was sitting at a garage sale for $2. It might not be the highest quality antique but It has really great lines and all it took was a coat of paint to make it look new again. (well it might have taken a few nails and wood filler too)

I will be attending an auction in Cincinnati tomorrow at Cowan's

The auction is called the discovery sale. They usually deal in very high end,expensive antiques and collectibles but at this particular sale the offer a selection of items that are still considered antique & collectible but tend to sell for more affordable prices.

If you are in the area I recommend you check it out.
This is one of the items that I have my eye on
wish me luck!


  1. Adorable stuff! Hey, if you're ever in Dayton my mom and aunt have an adorable vintage booth at Alley Cat Chic on Smithville. My mom has been doing the estate sale/resale gig for a while on ebay and is now loving her little "shop". My aunt specializes in vintage (60's-70's clothes). You should totally stop by next time you're visiting family!

  2. Great finds - that rockin chair is so great - if you need extra room just fold it up.