The bird is the word

sorry for the break in the action folks
I have been working hard to get all everything ready for my website launch.
I have also been preparing for a BBQ that we had last weekend.
for great tips on throwing a great vintage BBQ you might want to check out this blog post from
Atomic Radar

The hubby & I have been wanting to host a summer BBQ for a long time. This time we had two really good excuses to throw a party.
We wanted to show off the catering skills of my best friend & her father and also give friends and family the inside scoop on what I have been working on for the last few months...

It is official, my new company is called The Unique Bird. My web page will be launched very soon. Thanks to the amazing logo design and web page design by Ms. Dana Ross at The Bee Hive Studio we are looking great! Check out some of her work at

I will be selling my product on etsy. I can't wait to have you come & browse my terrific selection of vintage & repurposed vintage home decor.

I wanted to show off some of the repurposed wall art that I will be selling.

I came up with this way to display the product so my guests would be able to check out the merchandise and get acquainted with The Unique Bird.
I mean I did just ask them to come over & eat some ribs, not hit them over the head with a sales pitch.
I have to say that I could chat for hours about my treasure hunts to find these pieces.

the great thing about all of these pieces is that they are created using vintage fabrics, magazine & book illustrations and more. You can get a unique piece of art at a great price for your home that you can't pick up at any mall store,department store or discount retailer!

some bird's eye views of the party peeps...

some of my great guests!!

our awesome catering team, David, Dawn & Kylie Erne

over all the party was a splash!!
Isn't this an amazing print?
It is a Japanese wood block print that I picked up at an auction in Cincinnati.
I attended an auction last night and take a look at what I picked up...
of course I would find these chairs AFTER we had the BBQ.
at any rate I am very excited to get them cleaned up & repainted so that we can use them at our next BBQ!

I am attending another auction tonight and one of the items that I am very keen on getting a good look at is a 1960's gilded matador and bull that was won on The Price is Right
how about that for provenance!

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