This Week In History - Meat Uncle Sam

September 7th, 1813
Fantastic Patriotic Uncle Sam Graphic on the cover of this 1913 sheet music from Second Life Collectibles etsy shop. 
Have you ever wondered where the United Sates got the nickname "Uncle Sam"? Well, I am about to tell you. 
On September 7th 1813 the United Sates got its nickname, "Uncle Sam". The name is linked to a meat packer from Troy, New York, named Samuel Wilson. He provided barrels of beef to the U.S. Army during the War of 1812. Mr. Wilson stamped his big barrels of beef "U.S." for United Sates, but the soldiers referred to their beefy chow as "Uncle Sam". Just like today, the media was keen to pick up on a new catch phrase. Local newspapers picked up on this story and eventually "Uncle Sam" caught on and gained acceptance as a nickname for the U.S. Federal Government. 
Since I am an inquiring mind, I have to ponder, why is it that the U.S. Federal Government picked up the nickname "Uncle Sam"? The media could have spun it in another direction though...we could have been calling our meat "Uncle Sam". What if that old lady in the 1984 Wendy's commercials said, "Where's the Uncle Sam?"?  

For more information on this date in history check out this article on History Channel website.

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