This Week in History - The Kid Gets Busted

September 23rd, 1875
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On September 23rd, 1875 the Kid got busted for the first time, Billy The Kid that is, aka William Henry McCarty. What did this infamous outlaw get busted for? Let's just say the crime wasn't quite as intriguing as one might imagine from such a notorious scallywag . The crime that landed the Kid in the clink was stealing...not money...not guns...not horses, but a basket of laundry. Now, any criminal with aspirations of being an unforgettable bad ass knows that you can't let a basket of laundry take you down. The Kid later busted out of jail and headed out to the Wild West where he would earn his stripes as an outlaw and murderer. Yeah, it may have been embarrassing to get busted for stealing a basket of laundry but trying to out do himself on his rap sheet by allegedly murdering twenty-one people...come on Billy, don't ya think you were over compensating just a bit?

For more information on Billy The Kid or this date in history check out this article on The History Channel website.

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