Thursday's Unique Picks - Girly Goes to Prom

Is it just me, or have high school boys gotten more creative about asking girls to prom? 
This year, I feel like I have seen a few more stories in the news about boys getting all innovative on us...
I have a bit of a crush on this adorable handmade bracelet from vsc83's etsy shop.
I guess romance may be making a comeback. 
You heard the one about the Connecticut kid taping these card board letters on the front of his high school building just to get the girl...poor romantic sap got banned from the the dance for this move, but after weeks of media hoopla and a hardcore Facebook campaign, he was given the all clear to go.

This Massachusetts boy actually went above and beyond to ask this gal to prom. He borrowed a crane from his grandfather and painted this sign. Seriously so darn sweet, I want to date him.
All of these prom stories got me reminiscing about my own high school prom. There was no elaborate prom invitation. In fact, I don't even think my boyfriend at the time officially asked me. Now that I am thinking about it, I may have even ordered my own corsage. What the...
 Nothing actually monumental happened at the dance, besides getting lost driving from dinner over to the gym where the prom was taking place. Honest. No, there was no hanky panky going on, just straight up, no sense of direction. Navigation systems hadn't been invented yet, and normal kids didn't have cell phones, so we had to go old school and stop and ask for directions.

For me, the best part about prom though, was planning the ensemble. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no desire to be a teenager again, but if I was hypothetically going to prom again and had etsy at my finger tips... 

Some may say it is all about getting the right date for prom, but for me, it was all about the dress.
All dolled up for the dance. This vintage photo of a high school hottie, is from Cassie's Tale Vintage on etsy. 
I was never one for having a big fufu dress with lots of frills or rhinestones.
 Even more important than finding the right dress though, was finding a dress that no one else would have. These kids today, just don't know how good they have it, handmade and vintage online...

So what would a thirty something girly choose for her hypothetical 2011 prom?

Simple elegance. I love this flirty yet sophisticated handmade tapestry dress from Patricia Valery on etsy.
I would like a dress like this along with my 1997 figure...

Sparkling vintage pumps to dance the night away in from  Scoff the Rack's etsy shop
I would snatch up this sweet brocade vintage clutch from Lady Lux Vintage on etsy, because I now have a cell phone and would need a place to carry it in case I got lost again.
As you can see, it is about the sparkling pattern mixing for my prom night.

A creative wrist corsage that won't wilt. This beautiful handmade one of a kind vintage collage cuff bracelet is from sayagdis One of a Kind Jewelry Design on etsy.
Dear Prom Date,
Send me no flowers. I can buy myself some posies at the grocery store. 
I would much rather have jewelry.
Your Garage Sale Girly

Tiny tiara, big on vintage personality. This lovely vintage tiara was spotted in Coral Vintage's etsy shop.
It is a pretty safe bet a thirty something won't be crowned prom queen, but It doesn't matter ... if you wear your own crown.

So that about completes my 2011 prom look...
Don't look so dismal prom date, of course I picked out a few fantastic etsy finds for you too! These sweet threads will totally compliment my ensemble and give you a one of a kind vintage flare (Just what a guy wants, one of a kind vintage flare). I can feel my hubby cringing at that statement. Don't worry husband, I am not talking about you, I am talking about my date.

Awesome patterned vintage bow tie from Vogue Vintage Clothing on etsy.

You can't wear a bow tie like that without a vintage cummerbund. This one was spotted in Strumpets Bazaar's etsy shop. 

You can't have the vintage bow tie and cummerbund without a sweet vintage tuxedo jacket. This fantastic find is from  Retro Homme Vintage on etsy.
Yes, my date and I would would look quite swell decked out in our etsy finest. I hope you enjoyed my hypothetical prom adventure. For more tips on unique "Ways to ask a girl to prom in a cute way", you may want to check out this link from wikiHOW (Nice and cheesy, just the way I like it). For more finds to create your perfect prom ensemble you should definitely check out these awesome etsy sellers (Endless shopping options, I like it like that too!).

Oh what a night...This great hand tinted vintage prom photo can be found in  Main Street Ephemera's etsy shop.


  1. I love it when girls repurpose vintage wear for the prom.

  2. Retro and romantic- absolutely perfect in my book! Thanks for incuding my tuxedo jacket with your other amazing choices.

  3. Hey thank you!!!! I love everything you chose!!! Pretty, pretty :)

    xo christine/coral vintage

  4. This is wonderful! I agree, prom girls today really do have so many more choices, I am envious! We never had GPS or cell phone either.. oh, the times, how they have changed. :)

    vsc83 on Etsy

  5. What a great blog post. Here in the UK proms didn't come in until fairly recently which means I never had the chance to go to one when I was a teen. How sad is that...?! I think I could happily assemble myself an imaginary prom outfit from the great vintage sellers on Etsy. Thanks for including my cummerbund in your selection.

  6. I love this post! I am 30 and I sometimes miss having an excuse to dress up like that!

    Lindsey Turner

  7. I absolutely adore this post! Thanks so much for including our clutch.

  8. Haha! Thanks everyone! Oh the styling possibilities are endless. Thanks also to Retro Trend (one of the featured shops) for suggesting "prom" as a theme for a party! Sweet idea! Yes a 30 something prom party would be a blast!