Thursday's Unique Picks - Dime A Daze

A dime for my thought...SURE!
You may be asking yourself, " What on Earth could you possibly do with a dime these days?". 
Delightful 1950's dime store banners from Silverfish Studio on etsy.
Stay captivated because the delicious answer will come soon enough, but only after I share My Unique Picks this week from great etsy shops. This weeks Unique Pick theme is centered around...
You guessed it, the dime.

Now, don't overload the server, just because these finds are dime related doesn't mean they have maintained that steady price. Most of these finds may have originally cost you 10 cents to purchase them, but due to their vintage and charm, their value may have increased monetarily as well as sentimentally.
Oh the prices we will pay to bring a little retro joy into our humdrum days. 
Save up those dimes kids!
The perfect place to stash those dimes for a rainy day. This 1950's dime bank was found in Ruff by Margo's etsy shop.
Dime store delights = Priceless Memories
If I was going into a dime store and was allowed to choose a toy...

Vintage toy golf set from Dimestore Delights on etsy.
I would get this golf set for my fella, because I think it would be right up his fairway.

Get your ten cent classics right here at Used Books etsy shop.
I, of course, would select something literary in nature for myself, since I am quite bookish.
Who am I kidding? This seems a little more my speed.

Vintage "Trick Squirt Milk Chocolate" from Many Happy Returns etsy shop.
Especially since the phrase "Chocolate Squirts" makes me giggle.

Since actual dime stores really aren't a dime a dozen these days, it is great news that these types of treasures can still be found on etsy.

Just like the old five and dime stores, a sweet vintage tee like this one probably isn't a dime a dozen either. I would wager a dime, that a find as unique as this could  only be spotted in skippy haha vintage on etsy 
When I was growing up, my Dad  frequently took my lil sis and me to a five and dime store that was just a few towns away.
Image from an article on of Foy's in Fairborn, Oh.
Image from Foy's website. While they still have a great selection of dime store esque finds, Foy's has become something of a Halloween mecca. It is a must stop shop to find any type of costume you could dream up.
It was a great spot to spend a few dimes at on a Saturday afternoon.

Diamonds my be a girl's best friend, but dimes can also be used to create quite fetching and fashionable accessories...
This vintage silver dime ring was spotted in Vintagous' etsy shop.
With dime rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she will make music and spend wisely, where ever she goes. (Did you like my little spin on that old rhyme?)

Dime Fact: did you know Dimes were composed of actual silver before 1965? Now you do.

You don't see these everyday. This awesome vintage dime cuff bracelet is from Cozy Studio's etsy shop.
To coin a phrase, "Brother can you spare a dime..." because I am wearing all of mine.

Dime Fact: Did you know that these days dimes are an alloy mixture of copper and nickel? What the...!?! Then what the heck are pennies and nickels made out of?
Hot Dog! A Dime! Original painting by Tripper Dungan on etsy. Not only is this painting fantastic, it is also 3D!

Now is the big moment when I reveal what you really can still get for a dime. 
Sorry folks, these are not available on will have to come visit Columbus, Ohio to cash in. 
Oh yeah, and you have to go to a Columbus Clippers baseball game to experience delicious value and joy that only Dime A Dog night can bring you.

Four little dimes bought me this box of edible joy at the May 23rd 2011 Dime A Dog night at Huntington Park . I ate them all and was mighty proud of it (even though my personal best of five dog was set on 9/8/10). I have big plans on entering this photo of my fine dinner on Dime A Dog night in a photo contest from The Hot Dog & Sausage Council (Yes, it DOES exist and I do most certainly follow them on Facebook).
This little piggy will help you save your dimes. I just love this vintage dime saver from  Just4EweShop on etsy. It has the cutest saying on the back "Feed me dimes, Row upon Row, From these dimes, Dollars will grow".
See kids, it pays off to save your dimes, whether it's plastic toys, unique accessories or hot dogs...those dimes will eventually add up and you can score yourself something really nice!

P.S. Did you ever wonder if there was any item on etsy that only cost a dime? There is. It is the least expensive item on the entire site. See if you can track it down!

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  1. wonderful collection and uses for those pesky dimes. I'll take them any day over pennies.
    Thank you for including my dime bank.

    Margo aka Robolady