Thursday's Unique Picks - Better to Give...

Hi there everyone! So happy to be back blogging...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We enjoyed our usual Christmas Eve/Christmas day jaunt around the great state of Ohio to celebrate with both the hubby's and my family!
 Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal here at my nest...roll on 2011!

It was awful difficult keeping my big trap shut leading up to Christmas and not spilling the beans in my blog  about all of the fabulous things that I bought for some very special folks on etsy.
So for this week's Unique Picks, I am so excited to rattle on about why it's Better to Give...Handmade and Unique finds from great etsy sellers.
 A few shout outs, if you will.

Lets start with the short know for the shorter ones on my list. The kiddos.

I found this adorable hand screened tee from eco maternity on etsy, for our family's future little Pele.

Fabulous handmade pattern mixed dress from Illia Designs. I ordered this hot little number on etsy, but since then, they have moved their fantastic handmade designs to a shop on Big Cartel.

This handmade find from Toadally Cute Stuff on etsy was something to cheer about. I happen to know a little lady that fancies herself as a varsity squad cheerleader and I wanted to find her an official cheerleader skirt for her to wear to all of her big brothers sporting events. Score! I custom ordered this little skirt for the cheerleader in her favorite colors, purple and pink (of course). I was happy to hear that she promptly put the skirt on, after opening her gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.

But my etsy finds didn't stop with the kids...there were still plenty of slightly taller people that were in need of something special too.

For the Santa addict in my life. This great hand screened tea towel from oola designs on etsy. I loved this vintage looking Santa image and the added red pompom trim along the bottom.

I thought it was so cute, I even picked one up for myself...but I went with a little birdie design.
Gee, can you guess why? I mean, I wasn't going to get one with a squirrel on it. Don't you remember I have a severe case of Sciurophobia?

For a busy mom that I know, that has a "Freakin never ending To Do List". This original design from Finch & Hawk on etsy was a must have!

For a friend of mine that happens to think that Cleveland Rocks. She may not live there right now, but I am pretty sure she will always love her hometown. I was thrilled when I spotted this print of an original view finder photo from CAPow! on etsy.

Because accessories are necessities...

 Absolutely stunning midnight faceted necklace.

and these gorgeous holly berry earrings were found in That Old Blue House's etsy shop, and were perfect for some fashionable femmes.

And finally...for my main squeeze.

 For my Beary Deer boy, I found this hilarious hand screened tee from foultshirts on etsy.

The shirt was a hit, and the hubby had quite a laugh about it!

I found these great vintage PBR coasters in Riff Raff Review's etsy vintage shop. My hubby has developed a taste for this fine frosty beverage, so I thought he would love them.

I framed these great coasters so we could easily display them with his vintage beer sign collection.

Have you spotted a theme with his gifts? This great handmade ornament was upcycled from a vintage beer can and was found in Beer Can Darl's etsy shop. I featured some ornaments from BCD, in my blog a few weeks before Christmas, and the Hubby thought they were pretty cool...little did he know that I had this little stocking hiding in his Christmas Stocking waiting for him to open on Christmas morning.

And of course for my live-in handy man...I whipped up a little handmade something, with the help of another etsy seller.

I bought this great hand screened patch from Barton Artel!'s shop and used it as an applique on a pillow that I made for him.

I used a couple of old plaid flannel shirts to make this patchwork of art. Well, I think it turned out pretty nifty.

As much fun as it was finding and giving these great gifts, I have to admit that it was also pretty super to receive some things that I have had my eye on for quite a while.
That hubby was quite sly. He really WAS listening.

This handmade wood bangle from Valle.Girl.Designs etsy shop, has a little saying that I love, burned into it. "We are not given more than we can handle". This great gift was worn by me all Christmas day.

I am what I am, a "crafty ass bitch", and I am now happy to have this great original illustrated print by Sweet Perversion Designs on etsy, to let everyone else know too.

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and if Santa didn't bring you everything you wanted you may want to find yourself a little something special from one of these great etsy sellers!


  1. Loved reading this post! You found some great gifts, and received some too- go hubby!

  2. Thanks so much for the blog post! I love the way you framed the coasters!

  3. Your lucky, lucky family! I especially love the jewelry and the little tea towels.