Thursday's Unique Picks - Learn German in Three Days

"Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"
O.K. Ms. Von Trapp knock it off...anyway aren't you Austrian?
I'm sure it relates somehow.
My mad Photoshop skills placed me & the hubby smack on the front of this Album cover.

This week's adventures in Garage Sale Girly land takes us to a wonderful, or should I say "wundbar" place, called Oktoberfest, and I have picked out some fantastic finds from great etsy sellers to whisk you away to that oh so special place (even if it's only in your mind).

Like with most great parties it all started with a wedding...

Adorable vintage German wedding die cuts from M'Lou Is Pink's etsy shop

On October 12th 1810 in Germany, "Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.
The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event." (Munich's Oktoberfest History web page)

Thus the fest-ing began.
Willkommen to Oktoberfest.

Everyone is Willkommen to check out this vintage German stamp plate from Damosel's etsy shop.

Though it's not required, you are always welcome to dawn traditional attire.
For the Fraulein...
So adorable, handmade little girl's peasant frock from Taylor's Scarlet Thread on etsy.

for the mann...(no, I didn't spell it wrong this time, man = mann in German)

This pair of lederhosen is actually an awesome vintage souvenir coin purse, found in tbklover's etsy shop.

I know you can't really wear these but you get the picture.
and a little something for your wiener schnitzel...

Doggone that's cute! Little handmade lederhosen for your your pup from Young Urban Puppy's shop.

Dressed to impress, it's time for the main event..

Oktoberfesting in Munich. Fantastic original photograph by John Bragg.

 2010 marks the 200 year anniversary of Oktoberfest.
"...only wars and cholera epidemics have briefly interrupted the yearly beer celebration." (Munich's Oktoberfest history web page)

I, myself, have never actually been to the celebration in Munich...maybe it's because I couldn't drag myself away from the beer tents in Minster.

2010 view from inside the tent. You get the picture.
Translation : Congratulations! Let's have a beer! Awesome letter press card from Concrete Lace on etsy.

Image from the official Minster Oktoberfest web page.

It is miles away from Germany, but in a little town in Ohio called Minster, they sure do throw a heck of an Oktoberfest. To celebrate of the German heritage of this small village, the Oktober-festivities began in 1975
Image from the official Minster Oktoberfest website.

This is what Minster Oktoberfest looked like in 1978...and I am pleased to report it pretty much still looks like this. The biggest difference between the 78' Oktoberfest and today's is that I can legally drink a cold one.
(And I don't mean milk)
 Do you want to know the connection between Minster and milk...
the answer lies inside the jugs.

 Perfect Minster Oktoberfest memento. Silver Milk Jug necklace from Ball and Chan Jewelry's etsy shop.

What would happen if they had full gallon jugs at Minster? I don't think I want to know. P.S. they aren't filling those jugs with milk in Minster...

Beer. Actual jugs.

Actual tickets needed to obtain said jugs. Yes, I framed these because one year we somehow ended up with two spare tickets...I know, blasphemy, but you need five tickets to get a whole jug.

Great graphic tee from ScreamPrinting's etsy shop. Perfect for Octoberfest anywhere.

Ein Bier bitte = One beer please.
Q.What is "one jug please?"
A. Five tickets
But if you ask with a smile you sometimes can get a free jug...

I love this vintage inspired illustrated greeting card from The Spotted Sparrow's etsy shop.

But it's not really all about the beer...believe it or not.

Get your schnitzel on. Vintage German and Viennese cookbook found in A Bird Of Paradise's etsy shop.

There is fantastic German fare to be considered.

Those bratwursts are beauties. Great vintage post card from Rainbow7765's etsy shop.
Hmmm Ohio, makes sense, we like meat in tube forms.

Bratwurst or Mettwurst = main dish.

This letterpress greeting card from Just A Jar Press is the tops.

Yummy handmade pretzel pendant from Olive & Gold's etsy shop.

Sauerkraut and Soft Pretzel = side dish. sauerkraut a side dish or a condiment?
Please divert this question to the Sauerkraut Queen.

Somewhere in Ohio, actual 1985 Sauerkraut Queen float photo found on Pod Is My Copilot blog.

See I didn't make that up. Ask her.

To finish off this well rounded meal...
Cream Puff = dessert.

Mmmmm, kitschy. Chocolate cream puff ring from Hot Chick Physics etsy shop.

Who can resist a good cream puff?
Not these boys...

 I personally couldn't resist this photo opportunity from Minster a few years ago. They like cream puffs. I lick this photo. I mean like. I am not trying to poke fun...well, who am I kidding. I am sorry if these are your children and you are offended. They were enjoying the moment and so did I.

In the end it's not all about the food or the beer (maybe just a little about the beer).

This vintage beer stein from Zelle's Attic is sweeter than beer.

It is about the fantastic weekend of fun that we share with our family and friends at Minster Oktoberfest.

Snap shot of 2010 Minster Oktoberfest family fun. Sister and new Brother cutting a rug.
Lovely German "Ich liebe dich" hand embroidery from Naomi Cayne's etsy shop.
Ich liebe dich Oktoberfest.
One of my photos of the Gazebo, it is the heart of the Oktober-festivities (besides the beer trucks).

Apparently, Oktoberfest is quite educational as well. Did you pick up all that German I used in today's blog?  I never had to study, just had to attend class in Minster for three days during the first week of October every year, for the twenty plus years...


  1. Prost! Thanks for including my card in this wonderful Oktoberfest post.

  2. What a terrific post! I finally learned how Oktoberfest began!

    Thanks for including my pretzel pendant and PROST to Minster!