Thursday's Unique Picks - Bite Me

Ladies and gentlemen: the story that you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Fantastic "Wanted" hand carved wood painting from Morning Star Design on etsy. In the case of the "tail" about to be told this Wanted Picture should also include biting.

This week's Unique Picks from great etsy sellers (who's names remain the same because these finds are so awesome you will want to be able to track them down on etsy) have been chosen to help the victim relay her "tail" that we call "Bite Me".

 I love this and it fits the crime, "Bite Me" paper banner from 5280bliss on etsy.

The following takes place
 Time: Monday, October 18, 2010 1:00pm
Place: Neighborhood Park somewhere in the capital city of Ohio

Terrific 1957 Dragnet book from MargesMemories etsy shop. The case you are about to be told is not included in this book.

and these are Just the facts ma'am.
A thirty something, young lady, we'll call her Sara H., enters the park for her daily walk.
Old lady walks towards the park entrance and Sara H. with three dogs. One dog is on a leash. The other two dogs are just roaming around free and easy. The two unleashed dogs spot the girl and rush towards her...barking like mad.

Scaredy Cat, super handmade illustrated magnet from Deli's Dainty Designs on etsy.

What's a girly to do? I mean, what's Sara H. to do?
Freeze in fear.

Superb printed proverb from yaelfran's etsy shop.

In this case the bark may have been annoying but the bite was definitely worse.

Evidence photo.

After one of the non leashed dogs bit Sara H.'s leg, she calmly confronted Old Lady, "Ma'am your dog just bit me".

1920's photo from Carmen & Ginger on etsy. In this great vintage photo, there appears to be a nice lady and her dog (wonder if that one bites?).

Old Lady responds, "Which one was it? I'll give it a spanking when I get home!"
Sara H. reports that as she was inspecting her leg to ensure there wasn't a chunk missing, Old Lady scooped up the three dogs, hopped into a white mini van near the park entrance and fled the scene.
Can you describe the puncturing pooch?

Tyler the Terrier, Cute as a button but actually a pocket mirror from BeeDazzlesGifts' etsy shop.

Yep that's what it looked like. Don't laugh, it may have been small but the teeth were still sharp. In this investigation we will call the dog ,"Tyler the Terror".

At least Sara H. didn't cross paths with Rex. He goes for the throat.
This fab handmade pup can be found in Gravel Alley Primitives etsy shop. While Rex may be up to no good, he was not at the scene of the crime.

Now Sara H., this must have been a trying ordeal, but did you in anyway provoke?

Jumping Jack-in-the-box! This1932 book illustration from snippets of time's etsy shop is sweet.

No Way! It's not like I entered the park A La Gaga wearing a meat dress...
Custom cool and clever handmade cuts of meat dress from Im Your Present's etsy shop. Go gaga with out having to go to the butcher.

Honest, there was no meat dress or any sudden movements before the attack.
Don't go barking up the wrong tree.
This is an adorable handmade merit badge from Lee Meszaros on etsy if for "barking up the wrong tree". Don't we all have someone in our life that deserves this?

Like McGruff says, "Take a bite out of crime"...and not people's legs cause that hurts.

Only you can prevent your dogs from going barking mad...
(truthfully, I have know some kids with a mighty powerful bite this service announcement may also be applied as needed).

Fantastic print designed as a Public Service announcement from life{with tigers} on etsy.

See Old Lady, here is a really great leash I found on etsy...
It's more like a fantastic doggie accessory than an actual leash...

Pumpkin Patch Plaid handmade leash from Jennie B. Goode Collars' etsy shop.

It is just like they say, Once bitten, twice shy.
(Especially when you have to go buy your turtle food at the pet store the next day, and there are dogs in every aisle).

This rad framed original graphic sign can be found in house of navarone 's etsy shop.

 I am pretty sure Terry the Terror had four legs but in the heat of the moment you just never know. Even if the dog did have three legs, clearly its teeth were in perfect working order.
Even though Old Lady and Terry the Terror may have been in cahoots there isn't enough evidence to convict, sorry Sara H. Case dismissed.


  1. Girly, that is a HELL of a lot of etsy research--and what a bunch of cutey-pie stuff! I especially like the Scaredy Cat magnet and I might just have to sneak over to that shop . . .

  2. So clever! Thanks for including my Boston Terrier pic in your creative post... :-)


  3. What an adorable post filled with so many great Etsy finds. Thank you so much for including my Pumpkin Patch Plaid leash :)