Unconventional Wisdom

Happy Monday all!
I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little bit of insight into the "Method behind my Madness".
I am not really sure if anyone would call what I do in my etsy shop wise, but some may say it is slightly unconventional.
Image from Black and WTF. This is what I imagine is going on in my crazy brain.

I am sure you all know by now that I am really into following the "rules".
O.K. you can stop laughing now.
I have read so many articles on "How to have more success in your etsy shop".
There are usually lists of guidelines to follow to achieve said success and I do try to... but there are two items in these checklists that I always fail on.

  • Is your shop easy to navigate? (i.e. are your sections clearly marked, so your customers can easily find what they are looking for)
Well...they are marked just maybe not in the most logical manor. When I first came up with the concept for The Unique Bird, I wanted to be able to show my vintage and repurposed vintage creations in little collections or vignettes. Hopefully giving people ideas on different ways to combine these pieces in a unique way in their homes.
Visit my shop and you will not find sections marked: Table top, Decorative Accessories, Purses and Accessories.
What you will find: just to name a few...
"Signs of Spring"

"Summer Siesta"

"All Dressed Up"

"In the KitschN"
Each section of my shop contains the individual items pictured in my staged groups.
I don't claim to be an interior decorator, I just love to layer pieces from different eras, combine different colors and textures to hopefully give you something a little bit different and interesting to look at.
While logically organized in my brain, I think that I need to give the conventional organization of the items in my shop a whirl.
Heavy sigh...
Clean-up in aisle four: "Decorative Accessories".
image from Tick Tock Toys.

I am still going to introduce my newly listed items as "collections", but will eventually move them to their newly assigned, properly named sections.
You will have to let me know your thoughts on this subject because I am torn. Do I stick to my guns or stop beating a dead horse?

Another etsy selling tip:

  •  Does the name of your item use relevant keywords?
Um...I guess I would get an "F" on the execution of this suggestion for success. You could look at it two ways though. Some may say "F" stands for failure...but "F" could also stand for fantastic
or fool.
image from postcard listed on CardCow.
I don't think I am going to cave on this one though. I have way too much fun naming my listings. I always thought it would be fun to be the person that makes up the names of paint colors or nail polish colors, and this gives me the opportunity to do just that with all of my items.

You know...like this vintage Feed sack quilt is called: "Hit The Sack"
This little pair of carved wooden owls is titled "Hoots There"

Yep. I am full of it.
Cheese that is.
Just in case you wanted a little glimpse into the method behind my madness.


  1. I love your groupings and titles!!! If you're feeling a little "torn", maybe you can make up for it in the tags.

    Also...Rachael Ray became such a huge success because she took items from the store where she worked, and began giving demonstrations on how to use them to create wonderful meals. I see your "staging"/"grouping" as doing the same thing, and I think it will work!

    Have fun!!!
    Mona Kay

  2. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence Mona Kay! I really appreciate it! I will just keep on trucking...I am giving the conventional shop sections a try to see if it really does help. But we will see. I might have to sneak back to my old ways though...

  3. A way that you can still do your groupings is in your photos! Lets say that you do have "decorative" and "linens" ect as shop sections... the photos that you get to use to show your product can be some of just the product and some of it in it's little collection! Also, you should make a special blog post for each collection that you come up with. Debut the collection on the blog and each item featured, then post them up on etsy!

    I am considering having unconventional shop categories too. Since I'm going with a bit of a Saloon theme in my branding, I wanted to have some fun categories. like our more expensive items like hand embroidery art, would be in a category called "Top Shelf". :) And really girly accessories would be called "The Powder Room". I am not sure if it will hinder or intrigue buyers. I suppose I can always try bogh and see which creates a better response - like you are doing!

  4. Megan we are on the same page with all of the above! Can't wait to see your shop!