Thursday's Unique Picks - Life With Father

It has been said that when you kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland that you get
What the hell-I gave it a go.

What I have discovered over the years though, is that I didn't really need to bend over backwards being held by an old man with extremely pungent B.O. to kiss this sacred stone at all, I just needed to pay a little more attention to a resource that I lived with.
Let your Dad know he is the best with this illustrated greeting card from Gramkin paper studio's etsy shop.
Famous photo of  me and my father at the top of the Grand Canyon. I insisted on wearing a sun dress because when "The Brady Bunch" went to the Grand Canyon it looked hot there. Dad said it would be cold. It snowed.

Unfortunately I was born without a sense of humor.
"Can't you take a joke?" I was often asked.
In a word: No.
I may have heard the term "easy target" used.

"Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?" Lucy Van Pelt

Dad's advice : laugh it off. Vintage Ziggy mug from Cheshire Cat's etsy shop.
Frequently, dramatic, sensitive and quite stubborn I would spend years striving to achieve a bit of wit instead of being such a whiny nit wit.
It has taken many years of listening to my father's sometime corny and cheesy, dry at times, sarcastic but frequently entertaining banter to bring my sense of humor up to speed. 
Yes, years of listening as well as moving out of my parents home allowed me to gain maximum appreciation.

So in honor of my Rad Dad I felt compelled to devote this week's Unique Picks to a bit of humor.
Good humor, bad humor or just goofy, these finds are all in good fun.
Whether it makes you laugh your head off, or just groan and roll your eyes, I think I found some picks from great etsy sellers that would meet my father's quippy criteria.

A little bit corny, and a little bit cheesy: These picks are fully flavored.

This illustrated card is the perfect pick to lead off this section. "Salad Dressing" from She's SO Creative. Please note that the perfume bottle says "Eau De Blue Cheese".

A great etsy seller I have featured before, HawkGerber, Inc., has enticed me again with this great set of letterpress coasters.

Out of this world postcards from TigerFlight.

Have you noticed that I have a fondness for greeting cards? I love to buy them and have quite a collection.
I just never get around to sending them out. Sorry family.

Well? Fantastic pin from With Care's etsy shop.

Anything yet? A snicker? A goofy grin?
Tinted vintage photo from Vintage Buttercup.
I know you are laughing on the inside. You love it.

"And now for something completely different..." - Monty Python
not really, just saying.

A little dry, with hints of sarcasm and unexpected wit:
I love this delicate antique plate that has been "vandalized". From etsy seller Vandalized Vintage.

"I'm not a bum, I'm a Jerk" Navin R. Johnson.

Speaking of jerks...This is a fantastic set of note cards (I am only showing you these two examples. You have to check the listing out to read all of them!) from Wry & Ginger's etsy shop, that is meant to be left on the windshields of those members of society that choose to park get the picture.
I don't know that my father would actually distribute these cards, but I know he would have a laugh over the exceptional poetry and would show them off to many interested parties.

"Poetry. Sheer poetry..." Miss Shields
Lastly I am going to share a few listings from a shop that had me captivated this afternoon.
It is amazing what you can come across when you type "goofy" into the item search.
It's not just the items that they are selling that made me love this shop. It is the exceptional manor in which their vintage pieces are displayed, the pithy and droll commentary embedded in the item descriptions and the appropriately named sections in which these items are placed.

As it states in the item's description
"The ground does not appreciate your farmer blowing.
Please stop."

Quoted from the item description,
"She has a thing for yellow.
It's the color of the sun. 
Makes her happier than
a flea at the Westminster Dog Show."

The item description reads,
"Bonnie makes a killer Velveeta pork feet hot dish.
She makes snorting noises the whole time she prepares it.
She's sort of a pig, so it all makes sense."

I would love to share more but if you liked these you will love visiting their shop too.
Their shop gives me something to strive for.

I have had enough malarkey for the day, and I don't mean wood paneling.

Vintage ad for Malarkey plywood from Paperdealer's etsy shop.
You know I can never get enough of that.
Happy Father's Day Dad.
I hope you approve of all of this week's picks.

P.S- looking for some cantankerous father quotes? Find what you are looking for and more in the blog:
Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpurn.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my pin in this rad post! And man, that Ziggy mug is unreal. I might just have to buy it!

    Happy Pop's Day to you and I look forward to reading more of your blog! Better wait until I get off of work, though...