Thursday's Unique Pick

Greetings all
I am going to try and post a quick blog entry every Thursday. Just a quick blip, maybe a few pictures and links that inspire this girly. Be sure to check in every week for "Thursday's Unique Pick".

Since yesterday was St. Patrick's day I thought I would share a few gorgeous green gems.

We all know that Barbie is a fashion Queen.
Inspired by the image of a 1960's Bubble Cut Barbie in a beautiful green swing coat on this vinyl carry case...
I bought this vintage emerald green swing coat.

It might not be quite right for drinking a pint at the pub but perhaps cocktails.

What do you do when wearing a swing coat? Of course you should swing it around.

If you are looking for your own green dream coat you can pick up this enchanting ensemble from the VivaLaVintage Shoppe on etsy.

Or perchance you would like to make your own coat in another fantastic shade. I found this vintage swing coat pattern from Tokul Vintage , also on etsy.
I Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day and someday find your own dream coat!

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