Thursday's Unique Picks - Morning Mist

Hi feels like it has been ages. How has everyone been? Don't fret, I didn't fall off a cliff, nor have I been slacking. I have been sewing my little fingers off.
One of my little projects. Wake up and smell the bloomin' bottle stoppers. Vintage fabric flower wine bottle stoppers from The Unique Bird available at Meza wine shop in Westerville, OH.
Oh yeah, I also was a vendor at a United Way fund raiser in New Albany, OH.
Now that we are all caught up, it is time to get back to picking out some great finds from etsy sellers.
 It is that time of year again...I can't believe the kiddos are already headed back to school!

One of my favorite toys growing up, The Fisher Price school house! Find this vintage treasure in This, That & Other Things etsy shop.
Uggggg, the anxiety of the start of the school year. I know it has been quite a long time since I have been in school, but I do feel for them. 
Brush up on your math skills with these great vintage text books from Recycling Tomorrow's etsy shop.
I was always a big fan of school in general, the learning and such...well, maybe not math and maybe not spelling, but I digress.
For me, the worst part about school, was the waking up in the morning.
Get some vintage Z's at Vintage Supply Co. on etsy.
I have never been an early bird, and I don't really like worms. This "waking up" thing  has never been my strong suit. My parents would beg me to get up in the morning. I would be awake but rarely coherent. I excel at fumbling around the house to get my act together, just to get out of the front door. It wasn't a phase, there are some things you just never grow out of.
Raise your hand if you are a morning person. Well, that is commendable.
I have never been an "up and at em'" girly.
You get the picture. This effing awesome cross stitch pattern can be found in Stitch Bitch Cove's etsy shop. 
Truthfully it isn't a matter of early or late, whenever I wake up there is a bit of an adjustment period that needs to take place in my brain.
Even though the hubby doesn't like to get up early, when he wakes up, he can function fully. It takes him all of fifteen to twenty minutes to dress, brush his teeth, and make his lunch, all while surfing on the mini computer (a.k.a. the iTouch). Boom. He is out the door.

This is certainly one of the coolest alarm clocks I have ever seen! This great find is from  nakeddecor on etsy.
I, on the other hand, need about fifteen to twenty minutes just to realize that I am no longer in bed, and that my eyes are open. From a very early age, I learned that I needed to complete everything that I would need to think about for the next morning, the night before.
Pick out clothes, shower, pack up any essentials I would need for the next day, etc. If I cannot pre-pack for the next is essential to leave myself notes and strategically place them in front of the coffee maker.

Perk up with some magic morning elixir! This awesome vintage stove top percolator is from Vital Vintage on etsy.
While percolators brew up a mighty fine cup of joe, using such a device to brew up some magic morning elixir proves to be a bit too complicated for me. Percolators are for a.m. proficient folks. I have a programmable coffee maker. I just set it the night before and wake up to a fresh pot of coffee. Now, the only problem I am sure to have...locating my coffee mugs.
Why fumble around in your cabinets for coffee cups? A great vintage mug tree on your counter top may come in handy if you are frequently overcome by morning brain fogs. This brightly colored mug tree can be found in The Unique Bird's etsy shop.
Breakfast? O.k. so I can barely locate my coffee mugs, do you actually think I can handle making breakfast? 
Adorable upcycled slouchy Wheaties children's tee from Brava Boutique.
If I could only find the words to sum up my mornings...
"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" -Oscar Wilde.
p.s. Never expect me to compile meaningful phrases or utter words for that matter when I first wake up.
Hand stamped vintage spoon from Goozeberry Hill's etsy shop.
Weather you are an "up and at em'" person or plagued with "morning mist" in your brain, like I am, I hope that you liked these fantastic finds from etsy sellers.

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