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Drum roll please...
This week I am introducing a new post to my blog...Ta Da! You know, mix it up a bit.
I call it, "This Week in History". I bet no one has ever done that (please note the sarcasm in my typing).
This is just a little post with a nugget of history from a girly that loves finding out about historical events and not to mention my love for finding something fantastic from an esty seller to help me illustrate! 
Without further ado...

August, 26th 1939
Play Ball! This great vintage planter is from Old Comfort Shop on etsy.

The first televised Major League baseball game is broadcast. What teams played in this game? The Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers. At that time, regular programing didn't really exist and not many people owned televisions. Only about 400 folks in the New York area were able to view this broadcast. It wasn't until 1946 when regular television broadcasting caught on and it wasn't until the mid 1950's that televisions became more common in U.S. households...

For more information on this date in history visit this article on The History Channel website.

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