Thursday's Unique Picks - National Road Trip

Last weekend the hubby and I set out on an adventure....
We hit the road, the National Road that is, in search of vintage treasures.

Snapshot from the National Road.
Every year, usually around the first week in June,  Route 40 plays host to yard sale mania. 

Snap shot going due East along Route 40 of one of the Historic National Road mile Markers. Photo credit goes to hubby. I didn't spot this right away, because I got distracted by an awesome yard sale.
These yard sales are stretched out along the 800 mile Historic National Road that runs from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois. 

In case you wanted to know a little bit of history about the National Road this handy dandy youtube video wraps it up into a tidy six minute package. Informative, yet entertaining. I just love visual aids.

Since we only had two days for our yard sailing adventure, and didn't really know what to expect, we charted our course from Columbus, Ohio, due East on the first day and due West on the second day. 

Snapshot from along the National road Due West. This was a must stop yard sale. Busty mannequin clad in lingerie with handmade quilts and vintage military clothes, heck yeah pull over!
Day one brought us to West Virginia and on day two the adventure wrapped up somewhere in Indiana. 

Spotted at a yard sale in Indiana. I just loved this vintage desk but I think I liked what the price tag said even more.
haha! old.
It is important to note this yard sailing trip is not for the faint hearted or impatient. There is no rhyme or reason to where people are set up for sales, there is no knowing what types of goods will be found. One man's junk is another girly's treasure, but sometimes that man's junk is just junk. On Some stretches of the road, you get lucky and an entire town has tables set up. You can hop out of the the family truckster and walk around, but in other towns...well, I don't think that everyone along the road got the memo. Even though the road was not chock-a-block with sales, the scenery was amazing and the folks we met along the way couldn't have been nicer!
Since I spent last weekend searching for vintage treasure in West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio I decided that for This Week's Unique Picks from etsy sellers would be devoted to etsy finds that were handmade in those great states! 

Going East from Columbus...
Now serving West Virginia. This vintage tray is from VintageUpcycled's etsy shop.

Welcome to some handmade etsy finds from West Virginia.

Flirty fun handmade apron from Surley Girl Designs on etsy
Absolutely adorable handmade toy kitchen  from Mama Made Them on etsy.
West from Columbus...
Smells like Indiana. State of Indiana shaped soap handmade by Columbus, Ohio's own Stinkybomb Soap's etsy shop.
You will run into Indiana and these handmade etsy finds...
(and p.s. by far the best yard sales we found!)

Sweet little decorative handmade clay bird by Davis-Vachon Gallery on etsy
Julian welcomes you to Indiana! Handmade Upcycled argyle sock monkey from  Heidi BG on etsy
What is round on both ends and high in the middle? Why Ohio of course.
Ohio IS the heart of it all! Original painting by Mokopo Creations on etsy.
These etsy picks are handmade in the heart of it all.
Ring a ding, ding handmade ring, upcycled from a 2002 State of Ohio quarter by  Custom Coin Rings' etsy shop.
A girly's dream in aqua and blue, handmade patchwork vintage chenille fabric pillow from The Pink Palace on etsy.
East or West, Home is best. (but I may be a bit bias)
We are now back home in Columbus after our National Road trippin. This vintage trivet I bought for myself in Englewood, Ohio, pretty much sums up the state of my house, as I sort through all of my treasures from the adventure.
My vintage finds from my National Road trip are much like these great handmade etsy picks, definitely unique and quite eclectic. Go ahead, explore etsy, and check out what other great handmade finds your favorite state has to offer!

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