Thursday's Unique Picks - Flying High with Old Glory

Today's burning question...
How did you celebrate on Tuesday? With cupcakes? 
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Um...Tuesday June, 14th. Surely you had the date marked on your calendar, right?
Flag day. 
Um...Flag day?
Framed antique cigar box American flags from The Unique Bird on etsy
Yes, I have heard of it, but honestly had no idea about the history of this holiday that is printed in my weekly planner.
 Excellent blogging opportunity in my opinion. Just a little bit of history highlighted by an etsy shopping experience. Why? That is how I roll. I just love a little bit of history and I love to search for great finds from etsy sellers.
It turns out Flag Day is a day to celebrate Old Glory. 
Beautiful original photograph of our flag by Rikki Van Camp at Bare Bulb Studio on etsy. 

You may be thinking to yourself, yeah Girly, that is pretty obvious. Well smarty pants, do you know why we celebrate the American Flag on June 14th?
For your information, on June 14th 1777 the Flag of the United States was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress. 

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Drop that little nugget of trivia on your friends tonight over cocktails...I bet they will be impressed.
So Flag Day, is kind of like the American Flag's Birthday...but wait, didn't Betsy Ross sew the first American Flag back in 1776?
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This is the part about research that I dislike...finding out that something you thought was a fact, may or may not be true. Is it common knowledge that they don't really know for sure who sewed the first American Flag? 
1960's children's book "The Story of Our Flag" from Grandmother's Attic on etsy. 
Did I miss that lesson in elementary school? The Legend of Betsy Ross? Geeze, What's next? Are you going to tell me that the Easter Bunny is just a man in a suit? 
Ok. So someone sewed the flag in 1776, but it wasn't adopted as our official Flag until 1777. Got it.
 Beautiful handmade upcycled vintage chenille fabric American Flag Pillow from  paddyridge vintage's etsy shop
This part is for extra credit, since I got the answer wrong about who first sewed and designed the flag in 1776.  
"Flag Birthday" wasn't a celebrated date until 1885, according to legend (here we go again).
Vintage real photo postcard of a lovely lady all decked out and holding old glory from  Clancy's Classics on etsy.
 Flag Day celebrations spread throughout the U.S. in the late 1800's, but it wasn't until 1916, that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it a holiday.
That was good... but it wasn't an Official holiday until 1949, when President Truman signed an Act of Congress to make June 14th Flag Day every year.
Flag Day, such a simple and straight forward concept that has so many complicated and exciting twists and turns.
Thrilling ride through history, Huh? 
Ride America! Absolutely amazing handmade American flag created using reclaimed bike chains from ReGeared on etsy.
Well, now you and I know the scoop on this holiday, and have seen some pretty sweet etsy finds too. 
We will be better prepared to celebrate Flag Day next year.

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  1. Awesome history lesson & I will try to be better prepared next year! :)