Thursday’s Unique Picks – Cowboys and Indian Summer

Here is a quick update on the weather here in Central Ohio…last week, 11/1/10: chance of flurries, 30 degrees, gray and gloomy.
Who needs the Weather Channel? Great vintage barometer from Angie's Iris etsy shop.
This week, 11/8/10: Sunny, clear, temperature climbing towards 70 degrees. Well isn’t this spectacular considering that we have a hole in our roof (Please see last week’s Unique Picks blog post for the full report on that calamity).
Well isn't this vintage Ugly sweater from TackyTimeBomb fun and funky? Play Weather map bingo everyday.
Wack-O-H-I-O weather?
Hello Ohio! Awesome handmade pendent from Brooke Arin's etsy shop.

Well, that is what I was thinking, but the weather people, a.k.a meteorologists, seem to have a more technical term for this particular autumnal weather pattern.  Indian Summer.
Hau great! 1950's Native American Chief toy found in Modern Day Vintage's etsy shop.
So what exactly does this mean…why Indian Summer? Is this really PC? (Am I really PC? I am working on that, but really, I mean no harm. Anyway it isn't like I made up the name). These weather people keep throwing out this catch phrase and I am never satisfied with the fact that this just IS called what it IS. I wanna know why!

Simply lovely 1906 sheet music with an Indian Princess peeking out of a wigwam illustrated on the cover, from OldPaperAndPages etsy shop.

Indian Summer: a meteorological phenomenon in the Northern Hemisphere, characterized by a period of sunny, warm weather, after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost, but before the first snowfall. (Thanks Wikipedia)

Stunning handmade Indian Summer inspired stained glass panel from Fleeting Stillness by Alla Sharkova on etsy.
Much like Mother Nature is playing a wild game with the weather this week; this Indian Summer phenomenon, kind of reminded me of the wild games of Cowboys and Indians (a modified version of hide, seek and chase with props and costumes) that we used to play when we were little, hence my Cowboys and Indian Summer themed picks from great etsy sellers this week. 

Adorable vintage set of panels with illustrated cowboy and two little Indians found in In Times Past's etsy shop.

So we are clear on the meteorological definition…and the wild visions that pop into my head every time I hear it, but why the term, Indian Summer?

One little, two little, three little Indians on this fantastic "Indian Summer" graphic kids tee shirt from Baganus etsy shop.

Well, this is where it gets a little more complicated. This term actually dates back to the 18th century.

Please tell us the history, wise looking little Native American Indian maiden. This charming Salt Lake City souvenir leather doll was found in Nana's Cottage House's etsy shop.

“Some speculate the weather phenomenon is named after the Native Americans because they were the first to recognize the pattern. They used the mild weather to hunt and harvest crops in preparation for the winter. Another theory suggests the name was inspired by the Native American belief that the favorable winds were a gift from a god in the desert Southwest. Still another possibility is that the weather pattern was so-named because it occurred more frequently out west, in "Indian" territory, than it did back east. And one rather prejudicial explanation suggests that in this context, "Indian" is used to mean false, so an "Indian Summer" is a false summer.” – Ask Yahoo!

Great original printed illustration "Boston Terrier playing cowboys and Indians"  from Dog Art by Brian Rubenacker on etsy.

So basically, there are a few possible explanations for the term. Don’t feel like you need to memorize them all. I will only require one answer in the quiz to follow. Nah, I'm just messing with you...I'm not really a teacher, just a nerd.

Get in the game! These retro inspired key chains with little cowboy and Indian plastic figurines Truck-Shop on etsy.

What are you doing sitting inside? Slip into your Cowboy boots...

Ride em' cowboy, Vintage cowboy boot bank from damore4's etsy shop.

and pitch a teepee...

These ladies know where the party is at. Terrific vintage photo from Romance Writer's etsy shop.

And get outside and enjoy this Cowboys and Indian Summer weather that we are having!

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