Thursday's Unique Picks - Motorin'

Last Saturday I had to sit one out...
So bogus right? 
Think of all of those garage sales and yard sales we just rolled on by, that may have held the ultimate unique vintage find that I am always searching for.
How appropriate was this license plate?

The hubby and I were headed for something else with a wide array of vintage and antique goodies, but it was a place where most items were completely out of our budget.
Photo by hubby. I made him take this because I loved the masking tape numbers on the grill. Industrial chic right?

The Goodguys Rod & Custom car show. This annual event features thousands of classic and custom cars and street machines that date from 1972 and earlier. Hours of fun in the sun drooling over these sleek classic cars.

I took this one because I loved the way all of these car colors looked together. Yes I am a girl.

Am I a gear head? If you know me personally you may be laughing really hard right now.
If you don't know me very well the answer is n-o.

How hot is this station wagon? I think this was my favorite car of the day.

I do enjoy meandering through rows and rows of gleaming shiny vintage goodness on wheels though. (especially when given a ginormous beer).

 More color inspiration from the cars that made me ohhh and ahhh.

Where was this lovely last week when I was writing my blog on camping picks?

Take a peek inside, they won't mind.

a little slice of aqua and wood paneled heaven.
This year I was not only wowed by the awesome vintage vehicles, but found myself taking notice of some of the rad vintage accessories that the owners had displayed with their cars.

As per hubby's suggestion, I used the car show as inspiration for this weeks Unique Picks.

Motorin'! Vintage photo from beesinmybonnet's etsy shop.

Buckle your seat belts fans because I am going to motor through some great picks that are perfect accessories for your auto, be it old or new. I also included a few upcycled auto inspired finds.
 All of these pick are found in great etsy shops.

Driving excitement. Even little boys have big dreams about driving toys. 
Great artwork from Where The Green Grass Grows.

Even if you drive like The little Old Lady From Pasadena, just slip into these Red Hot leather driving gloves from BETTYSWORLD4U, and you will just ooze the appearance of a fast and furious driver.

Handmade note cards from claudine's calling's etsy shop, featuring Italian driving insults.

Hey there speedy just because you are wearing some red driving gloves doesn't make you king (or queen) of the road! Got road rage? These note cards are a great way to increase your insult vocabulary in Italian.
Be a bilingual bully.

Driving fast?! Riddled with road rage? This print is a subtle reminder that you should proceed with caution. This awesome print from Roosevelvet's etsy shop, was created from 1943 Missouri WPA art project to promote safe driving.

I heart this car antenna topper from NerdyTogether's etsy shop.

For the one you love...even if it's a car. Crafty yes. Cute, of course. This may also be a great way to help you spot your car in a crowded parking lot.

Oui like these. Vintage french key chains from planet trout.

Some may say that the key to happiness is driving a really cool car. I say, start our small with these awesome vintage key chains, and work your way up to your dream car.
Once you have your sweet ride, then you can put the icing on the cake...or the ornament on the hood.

So elegant. Photo I snapped of a Packard hood ornament.
1930's art deco hood ornament from CathodeBlue.

Where did all of the hood ornaments go? It's kind of a bummer that today's cars no longer have these personality packed conversation pieces. Hmmm....I can see it now, turning my 2001 Mazda in to a custom creation.
License to drive?
Get your own 1951 Chauffeur License, in carpebellus's etsy shop.
Since this license comes in the form of a fantastic lapel pin, I think it would be a great gift for a designated driver to wear while chauffeuring drunk friends from bar to bar.

If you are looking for some picks for a Slow Ride,
Take it easy...I found some stuff for you.

Plaids are hot, but this one will keep your drinks cool.
 Increase your car's interior fashion appeal with this super stylish plaid, vintage metal ice chest from Raleigh Modern's etsy shop.

Got kids in the car on your slow ride?
Keep them busy with this 1971 Reader's Digest book filled with Fifty Games for Travel Time. I found this book in Blue Earth Mercantile's shop.

What are you gettin' for parts these days?

Hubby took this picture of some of the "parts" being sold by the vendors at the car show. I wanted a picture of these shiny pretty logos, not the carburetors. Why? Because I'm a girl.

Parts Smarts.
These picks were created by etsy sellers by upcycling pieces from cars.
Super looking, original artwork created using old license plates, can be found in Recycled Art Company's shop.


Get this, these really cute earrings found in Stress the Seams etsy shop, are upcycled from Florida license plates.

Say what? Seat belt strap!?! Upcycled messenger bag found in It's Our Earth, inc.'s etsy shop.
Safety dance around when you see how awesome an old seat belt can look when combined with a recycled Coffee Sack to make a messenger bag!

Talk about a wild ride. Vintage French post card from UrbanAttik's shop.

It's been a wild ride through this week's Unique Picks.
I hope you enjoyed motorin' through them with me.


  1. How cool to come back from a road trip in a 1973 orange VW camper van to find my driving insults cards on your blog!! Thanks so much for sharing my work with your readers :) .... next stop, I'm checking out YOUR etsy shop. Have a great summer... and mille grazie! Claudine