Christmas in July is not a Lie

Honest to goodness, it is not another Hallmark plot.
Yeah, I know what you are thinking.
That Garage Sale Girly's brain may have gotten fried while attending too many hot and steamy flea markets.
This may be true...but I found out something else that was true.
Some people really do celebrate Christmas in July.

Image found on the blog 77 Santas.

All this time I just thought it was a plot from all of those mattress companies to boost sales in July, or for Hallmark to extend the selling season for their ornaments.
I always thought it sounded like a nice idea...but before I made the leap into bombarding you with holiday decor I wanted to find out if this Holiday was legit.

Image found on  Wikipedia, "Christmas in July" banner  in Melbourne, Australia.

The findings:
According to The Holiday Spot's website, the trend of celebrating Christmas in July probably started in the 1980's in Australia. Since July is one of the coldest months in the Southern Hemisphere, it just made sense to hold winter/ Christmas themed celebrations during their winter season. In Australia Christmas in July is also called "Yulefest".

Oh but wait...according to my findings on Wikipedia (super reliable source, right?)
In 1933 at Camp Keystone, a girls summer camp in North Carolina, held a celebration with a Christmas tree, gifts and a visit from Santa and termed their celebration "Christmas in July".

Boy Scouts celebrating Christmas in July 1985. Image from the Troop 38 Boy Scouts of America.

In 1940 a film called "Christmas in July" was released.
So in my opinion, this made the holiday official.
If they make a movie about it, it must be true.
Image from Mubi.
I haven't seen this picture show yet, but this screwball hates to miss out on a screwball comedy.

Charming vintage illustrated print, "Home for Christmas", in The Unique Bird's etsy shop.

I wanted to join in the Christmas in July fun in my etsy shop, The Unique Bird, and spice things up by adding  a little holiday cheer into my mix of vintage decor.
(Especially now that I know that Christmas in July is not a lie)

"Where's Santa?" Probably on vacation,
but you can find these cute little vintage Santa cocktail picks in my shop. You can add a touch of holiday flare to any fruity summer cocktail with these picks.

Ice cold lemonade would taste frosty and festive in vintage snow flake glasses.

Find more great holiday items in the "Christmas in July" section of my etsy shop if you are looking to score some COOL holiday decor while it is HOT outside!

"Christmas Time in the City". Vintage molded plastic Christmas light covers.

For those of you who may find the idea of Christmas in July obnoxious and excessive, that's cool. Everyone is allowed opinions. I just think you may "...need a little Christmas, Right this very minute..."
Who knows Scrooge, bit of holiday spirit may cool you off.

Image found on Tonsil, Hank Stuever's blog.

Whether you choose to celebrate Yulefest or not, stay cool this July my friends.

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