Garage Sale Girly Fun With Marketing Mike

Hey You!!
Long time no see, eh?
Well, I have decided to give the old sewing machine the day off so I could WRITE A NEW BLOG POST! I know, I can’t believe it either. Since today is #SSPS (Shameless Self Promotion Sunday) on the Twitter, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to do just that!
This week I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed by an author, speaker, sports marketing specialist, hot dog extraordinaire and all around great guy, Mr. Mike Rudd.
Wine Not? July is national hot dog month! Enjoy a hot dog classy style with a glass of vino while conducting a very serious interview! Photo via Marketing Fun With Mike's Facebook Fan Page. 
Mr. Rudd wrote his debut book, “Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun”. In this book, he explains how working at a hot dog stand in college, taught him lessons that he was able to apply to achieve greatness, not only in his career, but in life as well!  It is his story, not necessarily a “how to” manual. One of the great things about reading this book though, is that so many of his stories and “Carry Outs” can be applied to your own life and be beneficial to anyone trying to find their own “Hot Dog Stand”.

My personal copy of "Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing and A Lot Of Fun". I am old school, so I decided to go with the actual physical book...but you can also purchase it as an e-book on his website, Marketing Fun With Mike!

I was honored when Marketing Mike asked to interview this Garage Sale Girly for his Hot Dog Chronicles!
So without further ado, here is the pod cast interview! I hope you will sit down, grab a hot dog and enjoy the pod cast!

I just wanted to say a huge footlong hot dog sized thank you to Marketing Mike!
Marketing Mike beat me to the punch with the thank you though! I added his thank you card to my "insprational" cork board that hangs in front of my sewing machine.
p.s. If you made it to the lightning round portion of the interview and were wondering about my recent best vintage find, that is not for sale…here it is!
At first glance it is an unassuming vintage hard plastic case...In fact my husband and I almost didn't give it a second glance when at a recent garage sale.
But when you open the case...the party begins, a la Don Draper! Yes, a complete c.1960's Trav.L.Bar by Ever-Wear! The set even came with a swell transistor radio! 
Well, if you are really in love with it, I did say that I would be willing to part with it for a million dollars! I am pretty firm on that price.


  1. Sarah,
    It was a pleasure having you on the Hot Dog Stand Chronicles, thank you for the honor of interviewing you!
    I wish you nothing but continued success.
    Marketing Fun With Mike aka The Hot Dog Extraordinaire!

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