This Week In History - Man, That Is One Ugly Mermaid

January 9th, 1493

Hubba, hubba...this pretty little vintage mermaid paperweight was spotted in The Colonies shop on etsy.

On January 9th, 1493, While sailing near the Dominican Republic, Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus, spots three mermaids.  According to Mr. Columbus...these sirens of the sea were "...not half as beautiful as they are painted".  Now, I understand that being at sea for months at a time with a bunch of scurvy mates may cause one to long for the sight of a vivacious little mermaid, but you see Mr. Columbus, what you really spotted while at sea was a little less Ariel and a little more sea cow. Sorry Charlie...I mean Christopher, those ugly mermaids were actually manatees. You know, 1,200 pound slow moving, plant eating, aquatic mammals. Mr. Columbus, you might want to stick to discovering "A Whole New World..." (My Bad. I guess those lyrics belong to a song in a different Disney film, but if the shoe fits...sing it).

For more information about Christopher Columbus or this date in history be sure to check out this article on The History Channel Website.

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