How I deck my hallways

The gifts have all been wrapped, the cookies have been made, and the house has been decked out with amazing Christmas kitsch. Now I can write a merry little blog that takes you on a tour of all of my vintage holiday treasures...

Remember Santa is watching... and dancing. Plastic, flocked and fabulous!

Here is my tree.
I am not such a purist that I only decorate with vintage. It is decorated with a crazy combination of new and vintage ornaments. I think it looks so cozy and captivating. (if a tree can actually look cozy) Folks that visit say they love looking at all the different ornaments on my tree. I could tell them a story about almost every ornament.

I do have some great vintage ornaments on my tree. My hubby has given me most of them over the years. This one cracks me up. Santa as the bubble boy.

Check out my new tree skirt. I have been asking for a vintage tree skirt for a few years for Christmas. I guess Santa wasn't sure which one to get so I bought one for myself this year.

How swell is this Lefton Japan candy tray? It is way too cute to fill with candy because you wouldn't be able to see the little painted Santa faces.
So how do you fill your china cabinet? I have a bit of a bulb bonanza going on here...along with a few other bits and bobs. Some may say overkill, but I say festive.
I have a few vintage Shiny Brite Stencil Ornaments of my own that were given to me from a family friend one year. I like to give them pride of place amongst the tinsel and "vintage look" mica houses.

Do you love Shiny Bright ornaments too? You could get your own set from The Unique Bird to display next year in your home.
Click here to see the listing.
You may have see some little Santas just like these for sale in my etsy shop.
They are vintage Japan cocktail picks! I bought a few for myself too while at Brimfield. If you would like to pick these up to stuff in someone's stocking next year you might want to check out this listing. Click here to see!
Sitting on top my cabinet are these two snowmen that I got from the hubby a few years back.

I think this one looks kind of drunk...and it's not even New Year's eve!

"O" how sweet is this angel candle holder. I see her on my kitchen window sill. I hope to find the "J" and the "Y" someday while on one of my treasure hunts.

I have always wanted one of these little angels and was giddy when I picked her up at a tag sale in Dayton a few weeks ago. Sadly she lost one of her wings. I think maybe she had a bit too much eggnog.

The perfect way to display my Haeger planter is with a poinsettia. I am so happy I haven't killed my pretty plant yet. It just has to last until our New Year's Party. (fingers crossed)
I framed a vintage paper ornament/ greeting card that I also got at that tag sale and was very pleased with the results.

My make-shift cork board tree is also decorated with amazing greeting cards/ornaments by Norcross New York U.S.A. I have similar group listed for sale in my shop. I have also trimmed this ribbon outline tree with vintage metal curtain tie backs. (those things are very useful and nice to look at!)
This is another new addition, she is plastic and flocked to perfection in her lovely blue dress and shiny gold paper wings.

Doesn't this plush red and white deer put a smile on your face? (kind of like the smile he is wearing on his face)
Here is a crafty little creation that I devised to display our holiday cards. I used to just tape the cards to strips of ribbon that I hung in my entry way, but the cards were always falling down. So the hubby and I had a little brainstorm and came up with a nice magnetic system that I can re-use every year. Did you notice the lovely vintage fabric bows? I had to spice them up.
Here are two pillows that I had started to make for myself that are made using my favorite Christmas fabric. Too bad there were no little elves that finished them while I was fast asleep. Maybe they will be finished for next Christmas. You know what they say, "God rest ye merry Gentlemen because the women have too much to do!"
I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas Kitsch tour and I hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best in 2010!!

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