School girly crushes

Yes it's officially fall...
The leaves have started to change but I can promise you one thing, the Garage Sale Girly hasn't!
Back to school time always brought about new crushes for me and I have to admit that it still does.
The only difference is now I fall in love with great vintage treasures.
I found it funny upon closer inspection of all of the booty I came away with from Brimfield, that I had aquired quite a few new "loves".
I always think that I am very random but as it turns out, I definitely exhibit some distinct "patterns" and end up with little collections.
If you have read some of my previous blogs you may know that I have been extremely drawn to vintage wall paper lately.
It appears now that I have switched over to a less permanent type of paper product.

Vintage wrapping paper.
This crush may stem from my love of kitschy conversational prints and illustrations or just that I still haven't forgotten my first job at the Hallmark store.

And then there are the paper dolls...
Is it my love of clothes and vintage fashions or is it the desire to be little again cutting out paper dolls with my Grandma Esther?
Either way I think these uncut sheets of paper dolls will look really cute framed up to decorate the bed room or play room of some lucky little girl.

Another discovery I made were these vintage metal curtain tie backs.
I am going to equate this crush to a boy you may have seen everyday in class since you were in kindergarten. He was always around but one day it hits you over the head, "gee wiz he is pretty cute!"
It was the same with me and these curtain tie backs. I know that these are things that have probably crossed my visual path hundreds of times at flea markets and in antique shops, but I guess it wasn't until the day I figured out what I could do with them was the day the crush began. They make adorable push pins on a cork board! What a way to make something I use everyday a little more stylish.

As all of my readers might have heard, my favorite sister will be taking a stab at connubial bliss next year. This vintage pipe cleaner wedding party was a no- brainer for me.
I have been very attracted to all things wedding and of course, a bit out of the ordinary wedding decor.

They will make great decorations at a wedding shower or tied onto a package instead of a bow.

What girl doesn't like accessories?
These celluloid accessories are from the 1940's and have their original packaging.
Doesn't it give you the urge to start wearing barrettes in your hair?

Bits and bobs

Beautiful little glass beads & buttons.

Fantastic plastic flower charms.
I am not sure what I am going to do with all of these little bits and bobs but I will be sure to put my crafty hat on and come up with something great.
I have to say I fell head over heels for these.
When I saw all of these plastic buckle sliders sitting in an old tin I had an instant brainwave.
I used to have quite a few more than this but since I instantly knew how I was going to use them I got right to work.
take a look at some of the below sliders in action!
I was trying to come up with different ways to turn my huge collection of vintage fabrics into adjustable, reusable wine wraps to use as unique hostess gifts. These buckle sliders were the perfect touch!

even two buck chuck will be considered a great "vintage" in these wraps
If you would like to see more or are interested in picking one up visit
and select the "shop" link.
I am frequently adding to the "hostess gets the mostest" collection so check back often to see new wraps as well as my other great collections of vintage and repurposed home decor!
I better get back to the salt mines...This Garage Sale Girly has to give her wraps some love!

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