Cheers to Eleven Years

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!
Our wedding day 9/8/2001. My husband and I picked up these little metal numbers at the flea over the summer! Aren't they so sweet? They were reclaimed from old clock faces. I have big plans on framing them with the photo.
He is my blog editor. My accountant. My muscle. Sometimes he is my sewing assistant (sorry honey...but thank you). My navigator (and driver...sorry again). My tech support....And that is just the work stuff that he is kind enough to help me with. He is my enthusiast. He is my best friend. He is my everything. Hey, I love my guy! First of the day to eleven years!
p.s. sorry if this is super sappy my dear husband...I forgot to buy you a card so I had to improvise.
Love you always,
Your Garage Sale Girly

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